Turkey, 1989

I spent about a month in Turkey in February and March, 1989. While it is a popular tourist destination for Europeans, especially Germans, it is not too well traveled by North Americans. This is a shame because it’s a country with a lot to offer to the visitor.

Turkey is ruggedly beautiful with many mountain ranges and there are great beaches along the Mediterranean Sea. Turkish food is quite varied and usually delicious. In addition, the country is chock full of fabulous historic sites.

Istanbul, the largest city was for hundreds of years the seat of the Eastern Roman Empire. The remarkable dome of the Hagia Sophia continues to inspire awe in those who stand under it. Istanbul is also home to first-rate examples of Islamic architecture like the Blue Mosque.

The best Ancient Greek ruins are to be found not in Greece but in Ephesus, Turkey.

The country has a good transportation infrastructure so getting around is easy and pleasurable.

To add to its allure, Turkey is a low cost vacation destination that offers true value. When I’m asked what my favourite countries to travel to are I always mention Turkey.


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