London, 1997

London Is Ghastly Expensive But A Place You Have To See At Least Once

London served as a gateway for my journey to North Africa in 1997. I had to go there before flying to Tangier, Morocco. After my trip to Morocco I had to return to London before going on to Tunisia.

I had been to London a few times before but I had not produced any noteworthy photos from those visits so there’s no need to cover those visits here. Truth is I was more interested in hitting a plentiful number of pubs on those previous trips than I was in taking photos.

In a city as often photographed as London it’s more of a challenge to take photos with any visual appeal. How many pictures of Big Ben does the world need? I decided the best way to approach this was to concentrate on close-up photography for the most part.

While I don’t consider the photos I produced here to be masterful, the idea of getting in close to a subject before pressing the shutter button started to help me develop better photos over all.

London is a huge city and it’s quite easy to just hop on a subway to less visited parts of the metro area. The East End is easily accessed this way. I went out to Whitechapel to see the London of Jack the Ripper. I wanted to see what the old Victorian era slums looked like. Well they were all torn down generations ago to make way for so called “Council Flats”, the same type of soulless high-rise apartment blocks referred to as public housing in North America. Brick Lane is a great place to sample Balti food, the cuisine of Bangladesh. It’s delicious.

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