London, 1997

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London Is Ghastly Expensive But A Place You Have To See At Least Once

London served as a gateway for my journey to North Africa in 1997. I had to go there before flying to Tangier, Morocco. After my trip to Morocco I had to return to London before going on to Tunisia.

I had been to London a few times before but I had not produced any noteworthy photos from those visits so there’s no need to cover those visits here. Truth is I was more interested in hitting a plentiful number of pubs on those previous trips than I was in taking photos.

In a city as often photographed as London it’s more of a challenge to take photos with any visual appeal. How many pictures of Big Ben does the world need? I decided the best way to approach this was to concentrate on close-up photography for the most part.

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Guatemala, 1992

Guatemala may be a relatively small country but it has a lot to offer visitors. It is a lush, verdant tropical country with plenty of gorgeous natural beauty, ancient Mayan ruins, and excellent cuisine.

Aside from Bolivia, Guatemala is the only country in the Americas that still is mostly populated by native people. Many of these indigenous people still wear traditional clothing and live much as their ancestors did. Ancient Mayan religious rites are incorporated into the Roman Catholicism of the Spanish conquerors and the Mayan language is still very much in every day use by the majority of the inhabitants.

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Athens, 1989

Athens was the starting and end point for my 3 month-long trip through the Middle East in the winter of 1989. I flew here and then picked up a cheap one-way ticket to Cairo. The rest of my trip involved gradually making my way back to Athens.

I had been here once before on the summer of 1984. Then I just breezed through on my way to Crete. In ’89 I decided to spend a little time here.

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