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Roving Camera is my travel photography portfolio blog that archives 30 years of my wanderings around the globe.

I’ve been wanting to start a blog that would allow me to put the best of my travel photography online and give me an opportunity to post my thoughts and general impressions about the places I’ve ventured to.

I decided to put this photo blog together by crafting a custom-built WordPress site based on the Underscores starter theme. Using Underscores allowed me to maximize the amount of input I could have in assembling the look and layout of the site. I got to learn some WordPress development skills as I progressed. Multitasking is great, huh?

I’ve been photographing the places I’ve visited since the ’80’s so I’ve accumulated a lot of photos to showcase. Of course WordPress was not around 30 years ago so I couldn’t post my photos as I acquired them in real time. I began to build this website in the Fall of 2015 and I’ve been posting photos and reminisces about places I have traveled to only since then. Once I bring the site up to date with my most recent travel photos and comments I’ll be able to begin issuing posts of more current material.

I never kept a journal during any of my journeys throughout the world. All of the posts here we written purely from memory. It’s no surprise therefor that posts about my most recent travel experiences are longer since my memories from those places are more detailed.

I really hope that visitors to this site will share some of their travel adventures. Sure I like to tell tales of my journeys around the world. I also like hearing other people tell me theirs. What was the most adventurous thing you’ve done when traveling? How about the most fun? Or anything else you might want to comment about that pertains to travel or travel photography.

I have a couple of other photo portfolio websites. If you have any interest in Art Deco you might enjoy Art Deco Rome, a site I put together to display my black and white photos of art deco architecture in Rome.

I also really enjoy street photography and I’ve got a site called Rain-Town that features some of my street photography from Vancouver, British Columbia where I live.

You can also check out the social media links here to see more of my work on Flickr, Behance, or DeviantArt.

Or you could send me an email if you don’t want to leave a comment. I welcome your feedback especially if you have also visited some of the places I have featured here. No two people ever experience travel the exact same way.